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I promised you
I know I did

I am so sorry
I failed you both

I did not keep that promise
I did not protect you

I did not chase away the monsters
I did not scare away the shadows

I did something wrong and only now regret it
I screamed as they said it was you who had to pay

I hugged you close
I said it was all going to be alight

I know
I lied

I heard your please
I tried to stop it but could not

I let them change you
I watched you loose yourself

I watched you prowl and grunt
I watched you whimper and beg

I watched you killed
I watched them collect the remains

I wept and screamed
I let it all happen



I Am So Sorry
The image in my head for this is of Loki, years after this has happened cleaning his house, his guilt for this still gnawing at him because he knows it is his fault, he is going through the boy’s old room, which is still the same as they day they where dragged from it as he desperately tried to stop Odin’s guard’s from taking his youngest boys, his innocent twins. Loki finds a picture of the boys under one of the beds, they are laughing under the sun, arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders, blond hair messy on there heads and bright brown eyes twinkling with laughter as they press there heads together for the photo. Loki sees the picture and his mind flashes over the times he spent with his boys, over all the times he was doing some trickery when he could have been with his sons. He starts to hear the boy’s dying screams in his mind, holding the picture close to his chest he curls up on the floor and starts to cry whispering over and over the words, ‘I Am So Sorry”.

I know its short and not a very good poem but I wrote it in one night and I think that if you read it with the right emotion and right image in your head that you could just maybe see what I see and cry like I cried while writing this.

This is an entry for the poetry section of :iconlokiliteraturelovers:'s contest Too Many Feels [link]
MsPtilopsis Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh God . . . :iconcannotevenplz:
BlackwingCosplay Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
I know there are such feels!!!
BlackwingCosplay Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Well Loki is a Gd
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